Poolu Mobile App

Poolu is a mobile-based lottery pooling platform that allows players across the country to pool their Powerball and Mega Millions lottery tickets together in a legal and safe environment. Poolu was designed for iOS and has received very positive feedback in the Apple store. I felt lucky that I was able to wear many different hats for this project.

My Role

Creative Direction, UX/UI Lead, Product Designer, Project Manager

Responsibilities include: Creation of design system, user journey, wireframes, prototypes, high fidelity mocks, testing, handoff. Worked with the founder to create an MVP, taking his idea and creating the entire app, and added features such as the ability to view tickets in the pools, and to share pools to social media. I also worked with developer to create weekly sprints and feature stories to keep the project moving along.

Site Map

Talking through the users journey with the key stakeholders, I was able to come up with a site map. I created the site map in Omnigraffle and was able to figure out each flow needed to complete the app. Once this step was done, I was ready to move on to creating the wireframes.


Using the site map that I had created, we were ready to move on to wireframes. In the site map, I used numbers to represent each feature (or flow) in the app. From there, I used Omnigraffle to quickly create wires of each screen within each flow. I gathered feedback from stakeholders and updated the wires until they were signed off and ready for design.

High Fidelity Mockups

The Poolu app was designed to be quick and easy to use. I designed it to have low friction to new users so that they would continue using it. After creating an account, you decide which pool you want to be in, take a photo of your lottery ticket, and once your ticket is approved, you are in the pool. The backend uses an OCR that scans the numbers from the ticket and collects it into a database.

Poolu is in the Apple Store

I designed the Poolu iOS app from the ground up, using Sketch for design on prototypes, and Zeplin as my handoff tool. I received input from on the process and deliverables from stakeholders. I provided creative direction, logo design and product management for this project. Poolu was in the app store since 2017.