Welcome to my portfolio

I am a product designer living in Santa Monica.
I own the UI/UX process from start to finish.

Recent Work

Below are a few examples of my recent work. My roles on the projects range from UI/UX Lead, Visual Designer, and Product Manager.

FanAI Platform

FanAI is a platform that allows brands to optimize and track their sponsorship portfolio investment using bottom-of-funnel sponsorship metrics. My responsibilities were UI/UX and Creative Lead.

Poolu Mobile App

The Poolu allows lottery players across the country to pool their Powerball and Mega Millions lottery tickets in a legal and safe environment. My responsibilities were Product Manager and UI/UX Lead.

Change Healthcare

Emdeon was rebranding itself as Change Healthcare. While complying with HIPAA, I worked as a UI/UX Designer to improve their billing and insurance software and provide direction to a team of developers.

ClubLabs - Innovation Lab

Clublabs was the innovation lab for AAA. I worked as a Sr. UI/UX designer on a small in-house team to create the AAA mobile app and a website refresh. Features included insurance upgrade, discounts, and many more.

Rubicon Project

Rubicon Project was a technology company in the digital advertising space. Since they grew through acquisition, so I was brought on as a contract Visual Design to help align their products. Rubicon is now owned by Magnite.

Basket Food Shopping App

Basket was a personal project my wife and I came up with. I designed out the app and website.

UX Design Consulting

Work together to find the pain points in a current product you have, and find solutions to improve them.

Product Design

Develop an idea using a proven process that leads to new or improved products.

Design System

Create a Design System that can be used to unify your brand across your products or organization.

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