The Problem

Ball drop lottery pools have been around for ages, but they are filled fill problems. MegaMillions and Powerball are 2 of the most well known ball drop lotteries in the US, being played in 44 states.

One problem with the typical office pool is that it normally contains around 20 people, giving you slightly better odds of winning, but not much. Another problem is that people claim tickets were originally in the pool were not actually part of the winning pool. This is hard to prove that it was. So there was no accountability.

Poolu revolutionizes the world of lottery pooling by bringing it online, catering to customer needs with a focus on accountability and accessibility. Legal in all 44 states, Poolu offers larger pools and greater chances of winning. Its social component plays into the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO), ensuring participation and camaraderie among players.

My Involvement

Engaged with the client to establish a work schedule and key dates, ensuring progress tracking and accountability. Reviewed client’s vision and expectations for the app, agreeing on a user-centered design approach. Discussed necessary technology, procurement, team composition, and costs. Explored app legality and ensured compliance with Apple Store policies.


Branding was important to the client. While exploring the market, he felt as though the current lottery apps looked and felt cheap and untrustworthy. The apps did not look or feel professional, and he feared that would cause the app to lose the “trust factor.”

User Research

During the concept and design phase, I spearheaded all user research efforts for the project, encompassing various activities such as surveys, visual identity studies, and user testing. Specifically, user testing was conducted on iOS mobile devices and focused on crucial aspects including branding and app purpose, account creation, user journey testing (such as adding tickets to pools), and social sharing features. Following each round of user testing, we diligently incorporated feedback into the app designs and prototype, ensuring continuous improvement and alignment with user preferences and expectations.


Ideation sessions brought together business goals with ideas of translating user requirements and challenges into specific design concepts. In my role, I served as the voice of the customer, ensuring that all concepts were grounded in actual user requirements and needs. I contributed by suggesting ideas and sketching concepts using best design practices and heuristics. Additionally, I created wireframes and prototypes to pinpoint potential gaps in the user experience, which were then tested further during subsequent user research efforts.

Visual Design

Key Takeaway

Through my experience working on Poolu, I have garnered invaluable insights and developed multifaceted skills across various domains. Among the many hats I wore, including the product manager role which I navigated the project’s trajectory with a customer-centric approach, ensuring alignment with user needs and requirements. Engaging in user research, I delved deep into understanding user behaviors and preferences, driving informed design decisions. As a UX designer, I crafted intuitive and engaging experiences, refining concepts through iterative prototyping and testing. Additionally, I adeptly managed the app engineers, fostering collaboration and cohesion to translate design visions into functional realities. After 3 years in the app store, Poolu had a few thousand users and a rating of 92%.