Vertis provides a software platform for data-driven workforce planning. Our simple, self-service solutions enable you to bring together the data you need to make informed, strategic workforce and workplace decisions with clarity and conviction.

Understanding User’s Perspective

In order to comprehend users’ needs, we concentrated on their feedback on whats missing in the market. This enabled us to ensure that the features and experience are more effectively aligned with the needs and expectations of these users. Common questions were:

Organizing Ideas and Backlog

After we took the feedback and researched the data and what is possible with our providers, we brainstormed features that aligned with customers needs. These ideas were further broken down into epics and stories and filed in our management tool (Shortcut) with streams of work.

Creative Direction

Based on research data, stakeholder interviews, and industry research, we iterated on the brand values, portraying Vertis as reliable, modern, minimalistic, bespoke, and unique. This set of brand values then served as the foundation for creating our designs.

Visual Design

Building upon the established brand values and drawing inspiration from the moodboards, I guided the visual direction in the style of Edward Tufte, “less ink on the page” so to speak. Embracing a clean, modern ascetic where the data visualizations take center stage. Click to enlarge the images.

Talent Benchmark
Account Page
AI Powered Chat window
Scrolled to new tile

Key Takeaway

Working at Vertis provided me with the opportunity to work with cutting edge companies like AirBnB and WeWork, and work on the UX of adding AI to our platform. A crucial lesson I learned was to be adaptive during the process. Learning from developers, data scientists and other key stakeholders has been integral to getting Vertis to where it is today. The experiences gained have propelled me forward. I am grateful for the support from my developers and the belief my Chief Product Officer has shown in me, allowing me to take ownership of the project and bring the platform to completion.