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Community engagement platform for Nonprofits & Enterprises that delivers data-driven, actionable insights to increase engagement & retention.

Empower your community by harnessing the creativity and experiences of your supporters through a robust suite of AI tools, making it fun and easy for them to contribute and get involved. Build a narrative-rich content archive, growing a dynamic repository of personal stories that resonate and inspire, using these narratives as a core part of your social outreach. Unlock insightful engagement analytics to gain actionable insights into what matters most for your community, tailoring your strategies to enhance involvement and foster deeper engagement.

My Involvement

I joined this early-stage startup as the inaugural designer, where I played a key role in developing the brand identity, including the logo, color palette, and typography. I designed the customer-facing website based on client storyboards and direction. Additionally, I worked on the UX for all aspects of the app, encompassing community building, campaign creation, image creation, onboarding, and the SaaS platform.


The client placed a high value on branding. During market exploration, they emphasized the need for a logo that was not only eye-catching and professional but also engaging. Their goal was to instill trust in the brand and ensure it stood out amidst a crowded landscape of AI platforms.


In assisting my client, I find that building out wireframes and user journeys is an integral part of our collaborative design process. I created the groundwork for intuitive and user-friendly digital experience. By crafting wireframes, we establish the structural foundation, focusing on functionality over aesthetics. These wireframes provide a tangible framework for discussion and refinement, ensuring alignment with the client’s vision and objectives. Additionally, mapping out user journeys allows us to empathize with the end-users, understanding their behaviors and motivations. Through this process, we anticipate their needs and pain points, crafting solutions that resonate deeply. This process provided clarity and direction, and set the stage for high fidelity designs.

Visual Design

Key Takeaway

My time at Vysual has been instrumental in cultivating invaluable insights and honing my skills across diverse domains, notably in AI and the UX of AI platform development. As a UX designer, I specialized in crafting intuitive and engaging experiences, iterating on concepts through rigorous prototyping and testing. Collaborating closely with platform engineers, I fostered seamless teamwork, ensuring the seamless translation of design visions into functional realities.